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Eleanor Sullo
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Friday, January 13, 2012


This week’s Friday blog is under the “fork” banner—my symbol for traveling and dining in faraway places. Soon we’ll depart for some weeks away in the deep-down south, where every day we’ll gaze out the breakfast window at the beautiful, and the rugged boats as well, traversing the Intercoastal Waterway.
At the beach we’ll find a spot not too far from the water, so we can hear the shwoosh of even little waves up on the beach. When that baking Florida sun gets too warm we’ll find a shady spot under the palm trees at the top of the beach, and greet the friendlier folks passing by en route to the beach house or snack bar, or deeper waters. Take a deep breath, soak it all in. What joy.
Later we’ll explore the unknown tastes of a Thai or Cuban or Down-South restaurant, and say, “We’ll have to come back here another time!”
Travel is so good for the soul. Just to breathe different air, see the sun set over different water, watch the fishing boats come in and smell that super salty tang of their catch. And there’s always so much to learn. Last year a multiple horse owner from the local harness racetrack stayed in the same complex as we did, and he and his sweet wife welcomed us to their stables to meet the animals and to return on race night. That never would have happened in our own backyard. True, getting away is easier for us than some--we’re extra fortunate to have family members right next door to water the plants, feed the cat and sort out the mail—those are benefits we can’t pass up.
But wherever you go, or however you get there, new sensations will swoop you up, send endorphins coursing through your brain, and get you home renewed and recharged—and ready to plan your next trip. And never mind the souvenirs—collect recipes from the chefs you get to meet, and you’ll always remember those new, exotic tastes.
A friend says she doesn’t care to travel because she likes her home too much to leave. Oh, honey, take a little romp—to another region of the country, the next state over, or across the pond, if you can, and you’ll love it even more when you get back.

Next Friday’s Blog—Wooden Spoon--Some of Those Saved Recipes from Trips Gone By—Care to Share Yours?


  1. Ellie, you made the time in Florida sound so appealing. The way you wrote about it, I felt like I was there. And, what fun to meet the owners of the stable and get to enjoy time at the track with the insiders. Safe travels to you. I look forward to seeing you again when the warm weather returns north.

  2. Hi Ellie,
    Just watched you on YouTube, great to see you looking so well, hope Joe is too or are you wearing him out? Emailed you the other day and it hasn't bounced back so with a bit of luck you will see it. Trust the Florida sun has recharged the batteries.
    Our very best wishes for 2010.
    Love from sunny (Ha!) Bulgaria.
    Ian & Eve